Incoils Electronics a Custom Manufacturer of Coils, Solenoids, Valves & Electro-Magnetic Products


Incoils Electronics is an Engineering Driven Solutions Company. Our core business is converting Electrical Energy into Precise Linear and Rotational Movement that meets the unique requirements of our customers applications. For over 30 years Incoils has been a leader in designing and producing Custom Coils, Solenoids, Valves and Value-Added Solenoid Systems. Incoils Electronics is headquartered in Penang Malaysia with additional facilities in Indonesia and a Sales Office in Dayton, Ohio. Incoils is ISO9001, IATF16949 and UL Certified and our products are all RoHS compliant. Incoils products are used in almost every industry including Medical, Automotive, Security Locks and Lockers, Money Handling Machines (ATM) Aerospace, High Speed Rail, Industrial, Food Equipment and more. We have a well-trained, educated and stable labor force with a history of solving complex product requirements in the electro-mechanical/magnetic industy. We believe a collabrative approach is best and will work closely with you to develop a cost competitive and reliable solution!