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    Custom Made Solenoids

    Custom Made Tubular Solenoids

    (Push & Pull Type Solenoids)

    Custom made solenoids are primarily push or pull motion devices that utilize an electro mechanical field generated by electric or battery operated coils which when energizing/ de-energizing to generate an electrical field that will move the plunger precisely as needed in a linear or rotational direction based on the application. In addition to push/pull solenoids, Incoils also does rotary solenoids, which instead of the plunger moving in and out, the shaft extending from the rotary will move clockwise or counter clockwise. Solenoids are typically DC devices but AC is also available as well.

    Solenoids are used in a wide variety of applications such as medical, industrial, appliance, automotive and aerospace. Often a custom solenoid solution is needed to meet the exact specifications of a customer’s application. For over 25 years, Incoils Electronics has focused its core business towards this specialized design and manufacturing business, earning a reputation as an innovative, responsive, cost competitive and customer focused supplier from our global customer base.

    In today’s world, a customer and supplier’s engineering team must work closely together during the development phase to find the right solution for their applications. Incoils excels at quick quotes and offers rapid/low-cost prototyping allowing the customer to quickly determine if the proposed solution is correct for their specific application. Incoils utilizes the automotive PPAP process for all products. Solenoids also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and performance options. A few examples of the custom solenoids we can create are Open Frame, Tubular, Rotary, Miniature, Low-Profile, and Latching to name a few.

    Solenoid Applications:

    • Computer peripherals
    • Office appliance
    • Game machine
    • Vending machine
    • Family electric appliance

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    Publish Date: 08 17, 2017