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    Understanding Tubular Solenoids

    Tubular solenoids have the coil portion encased in metal and are designed to obtain maximum force over a wide range of long or short strokes. In many instances it is desirable to employ tubular solenoids for linear actuation. These units are generally manufactured at relatively low cost and are compact in size.
    Linear solenoids are useful in many applications that require an open or closed (in or out) type motion such as electronically activated door locks, pneumatic or hydraulic control valves, robotics, automotive engine management, irrigation valves to water the garden and even simple door bells use solenoids. Linear solenoids provide linear stroke usually less than one inch in either direction. Linear solenoids are usually classified as pull (the electromagnetic path pulls a plunger into the solenoid body) or a push type where the plunger / shaft is pushed out of the case, and can be built to be unidirectional or bidirectional. Many have a spring return to bring the plunger or plunger and shaft back to the home position.

    Linear solenoids are found in many varieties, many sizes and configurations, Incoils Electronics, a ISO/TS registered company located in Malaysia, with a sales office located in Dayton, Ohio.  Incoils will manufacture solenoids to meet your specific application, please visit our website and complete the simple “Request More Information” form and allow us to assist you in finding the right solution.

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    Publish Date: 08 17, 2017